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Sollentuna kommunhus

How Sollentuna is governed

Sollentuna is governed by a majority consisting of the Moderate Party, the Liberal Party, the Christian Democrats and the Centre Party.

The Municipal Council also includes the Social Democratic Party, the Left Party, the Green Party and the Sweden Democrats.

The politicians’ mission is to ensure that Sollentuna’s inhabitants are provided with the municipal service that they need and want.

The Municipal Council

The Municipal Council is the municipality’s highest political body. It decides which guidelines municipal operations are to be working along, and how taxpayers’ money is to be allocated between different operations. The council makes decisions regarding the budget, taxes, rates and fees, etc. Issues that are of major significance to Sollentuna’s inhabitants, such as construction of larger housing areas in the municipality, are also decided by the Municipal Council. The Municipal Council comprises of 61 members, elected in general elections every four years. Many of the politicians in our municipality are leisure time politicians who also have another job. Many of the members also have assignments in one or more committees.

The meetings are open to the public and also available online live and afterwards at Sollentuna webb-tv.Sollentuna webb-tv

The Municipal Executive Board

The Municipal Executive Board ensures that the Muncipal Council’s decisions are implemented. The role of the Municipal Executive Board in the municipality is comparable to that of the Government on a national level. The Municipal Executive Board leads and coordinates the municipality’s work, and supervises operations in other boards and municipal companies. The Municipal Executive Board also ensures that the boards work with the targets set up for them by the Municipal Council.

The Municipal Executive Board also prepares matters to be addressed by the Municipal Council.

The Municipal Executive Board has a Working Committee that prepares the matters to be addressed by the Municipal Council. The committee can also make decisions if the Municipal Council has so decided. The Municipal Executive Board consists of fourteen members. Its meetings are not open to the public.


Apart from the Municipal Executive Board there are  11 committees under the Municipal Council. The committees work towards the goals set by the Municipal Council, and are responsible for continuous evaluations and quality follow-ups in their respective operations. They look at the full picture within their areas of responsibility, and decide on priorities. Politicians make the overall decisions, and civil servants working in the administrations implement the decisions.

Municipal Companies

Sollentuna Municipality owns five companies; the Sollentuna Stadshus AB and its subsidiaries; Sollentunahem AB, Sollentuna Kommunfastigheter AB, Sollentuna Energi och Miljö AB and AB SOLOM.

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