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Apply for a school placement

Now is the time to apply for a placement in preschool class and primary school for the school year 2024/2025. Your application can be submitted from January 10 to 31 January 2024.

An application must be submitted during the period if your child:

  • is going to start preschool class in the fall semester 2024
  • is attending a school which is not offering the next grade
  • wants to change schools even though the current school offers the next year’s grade

Apply via e-service

You can apply for a placement during the period 10-31 January, and when you apply during this period doesn’t matter. Indicate your requests for schools via the e-service. Easiest way to log in to the e-service is with e-identification.

E-service for school application

Good to know

A custodial parent applies for a placement, but both custodial parents must confirm the school application. All custodial parents will receive ongoing information about the status of the application via e-mail.

This is how the placements are allocated

The independent schools have their own queues and admission rules for placement. Contact the relevant independent school before applying for a school placement to get more information about the school's rules for admission.

In municipal schools, we place the children in accordance to the family's wishes and the principle of relative proximity. All children who are registered in Sollentuna are entitled to a placement at a municipal school. According to the Education Act, the student is entitled to attend a school “close to home”. But it doesn’t imply that you have a guaranteed placement in the nearest school or have priority.

When you make a school application, you enter three different options. The children are placed according to wishes as far as it is possible. When a municipal school has filled its quota, it is how the children live in relation to the school which determines who gets a placement. The distance to the desired school is compared with the distance to a school of reference. The school of reference is the closest or second closest school.

Relative proximity and how the placements are allocated (in Swedish)

What happens next?

During the period March-April, you will receive a decision on placement via the e-service. You will receive a notification via e-mail when you have received a decision.

Do you need access to a computer?

At all the municipality's libraries, you can borrow a computer and surf wirelessly. You can also visit the municipality's contact center in Turebergshuset to borrow a computer.

Schools in Sollentuna municipality

In Sollentuna, there are around thirty municipal and independent primary schools. There are compulsory schools for pupils with intellectual disabilities and schools with profile classes. You can apply for a placement in a leisure-time centre from preschool to grade 6.

Profile classes

Some schools have a special profile on all or parts of the curriculum. Special admission rules apply here, for example entrance test. If your child is accepted, you will receive a decision from the school. Do not forget that the application must be registered in the e-service.

Compulsory school for pupils with intellectual disabilities

The compulsory school for pupils with intellectual disabilities is nine years and has two specialized profiles. Your child can attend a school with only compulsory school for pupils with intellectual disabilities or be integrated in a primary school.

To find out more about the school format and how to make your application, please contact the administrator at the education office by phone on 08-579 216 29. It is the Education Committee who makes the decision whether the pupil is allowed to attend a compulsory school for pupils with intellectual disabilities.

After you receive a decision, you apply for a placement at the school. There are different approaches depending on whether your child is attending a compulsory school for pupils with intellectual disabilities or an integrated primary school.

Compulsory school for pupils with intellectual disabilities (in Swedish)

Leisure-time centre

Leisure-time centre is offered to school children from preschool class to grade 6. You apply for a placement in the municipality's childcare e-service. The information can be had at sollentuna.se. Leisure-time centres are subject to a fee and a maximum rate is applied. Maximum rate means that the fee is income-related, with a maximum fee per child.

Autumn semester 2024, your child in preschool class can get a placement at leisure-time centre from 8 August 2024 at the earliest.

Open house

The schools offer open houses where you can visit the school and ask questions.

Upcoming open houses at schools in Sollentuna (in Swedish)

Questions and contact

Contact us at the contact center by phone: 08-579 210 00 or email: kontaktcenter@sollentuna.se

You can also visit the contact center in Turebergshuset's entrance, Turebergs torg 1.

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