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Edsbergs slott och park där många människor som firar nationaldagen.

Sollentuna Municipality

The municipality of Sollentuna is strategically positioned between Stockholm City and the international airport, Arlanda. Sollentuna has more than 75 000 inhabitants and is situated some 15 km north of Stockholm.

In 2022 Sollentuna passed the 75,000 inhabitants mark. Inhabitants increase with about 1000 every year and the demand for housing and services is increasing.

Sollentuna municipality is growing and over the next ten years, 500 new homes are estimated to be built per year.

Densifying and protecting

Focus is on densifying central parts of the municipality while preserving existing green areas. By investing in densification of the municipality’s station areas, we’re creating a more pleasant and vibrant urban environment with homes, offices and trade. To achieve the ambition of preserving and developing buildings, the option of building vertically will be trialled in a few well-chosen spots.

Sollentuna is 13 km long and 7.5 km at its widest with a total area of 58.6 sq.km, of which 5.4 sq.km. is water or lakes. Sollentuna has a long and vital history dating back to the Bronze Age when important waterways met in the area around Edsviken.

Through effective dialogue and understanding the municipality has acquired sound knowledge of the requirements of business to develop and establish operations in Sollentuna.

Edsberg Manor House

Edsberg Manor house, a Swedish national treasure, is strategically located on the shore of  Edsviken in the beautiful Edsberg Park. The building goes by the name Edsberg’s castle in popular speech. This beautiful area offers a peaceful and serene setting for strolling, picnics and outdoor enjoyment.

The Edsvik area offers  culture and food in a culture-historical environment. Edsberg’s castle and the castle gardens are an important place for many Sollentuna residents. The national day is celebrated here, and many events are organised here throughout the year. 

Four nature reserves

The municipality has four wonderful nature reserves, For example Järvafältet with its beauty and natural rural setting and the Rösjö area with bathing and camping opportunities that encourage outdoor activities.

Winter sports are well catered for with long distance ice skating at Norrviken and Edsviken, along with northern Stockholm’s best downhill ski slope at Väsjöbacken.

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