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Yumiko Shiozaki

Yumiko Shiozaki

Plats: Galleri Aniara sollentuna bibliotek
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Recovery - Nature and Light, power for life

From "on your body" exhibition catalogue, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography


Photographs Represent a Point of Contact Between the World and Me. From an early age, I found that light spoke to me and the world appeared to be filled with beautiful things. When I started photography in my twenties, I released the shutter at the moment when I felt that light and objects coalesced with each other. This is because I felt that as I merged with objects, I was simultaneously released and able to live.

In the past, I could not photograph people, I was only capable of interacting with objects or plants, but by photographing Una, I found that I became able to photograph people. Maybe it was because I had been scared of people.

Recently I have felt a desire to see things that are invisible to the eye, so I decided to listen more carefully to the things that spoke to me. These are from a different time flow and place, but in the moment that their internal time meshes with mine, it might become possible for me to comprehend them.

Old actress,
Her ears do not hear well,
But her words are strong.
The singing of a bird,
A water vein, too

What was the meaning of the words Una suddenly spoke when we parted for the last time?

I canʼt see you again.
I will be blind. You donʼt be blind.
Who you are?

She cannot have known that I feared blindness.