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Information for Investors

Sollentuna is ranked as one of the most enterprise friendly municipalities in Sweden. 

In Sollentuna, we have one of the best business climates in the country. We support enterprising spirit and entrepreneurship.

We currently hold 5th place among Sweden’s municipalities in the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise’s annual ranking of the country’s business climate.  For four consecutive years, 2014 - 2017, we were ranked second out of the 290 municipalities in the ranking and we have held top positions for many years.

Many companies enjoy the strategic location within easy reach of Arlanda Airport and central Stockholm, and business in Sollentuna is booming. Strong, forward-looking businesses underpin the region’s prosperity, growth and development.

Sollentuna has always been a good municipality for business. Back in the Viking age, major trading routes passed through here and today trade and services clearly dominate. The majority of the 6,800 or so companies in the municipality are small, and it is important for a vibrant municipality to have many strong companies.

The municipality is constantly growing, and has a population with plenty of purchasing power. A majority of the roughly 6,800 companies in the municipality are small and medium sized. For a vibrant municipality, it is important to have businesses of varying size, and in varying industries, and to have them succeed. Therefore, we work actively to improve and develop our service to the municipality’s business community.

Through the Business Contact Centre, we offer businesses the best possible service. We offer meeting places, networks and support to our companies. We cooperate closely with business association Företagarna i Sollentuna and with the Chamber of Commerce, and we also support the Nyföretagarcentrum entrepreneur centre, which offers free advice to those wanting to start their own business.

Transport and communication to and from Sollentuna is fast and convenient, as Sollentuna is located between Stockholm and Arlanda Airport. Highway E4 passes through the municipality, as does the railway with five commuter train stations.

Through dialogue and openess to the needs of both large international enterprises and SMEs, Sollentuna attempts to assist enterprises that wish to start operations and develop in the municipality.

Welcome to Sollentuna!

Stockholm Business Alliance

Are you interested in business opportunities in Scandinavia? You are not alone. Sollentuna is a part of the Stockholm region. We are proud to represent one of Europe's top destinations for foreign direct investments.

The Stockholm region offers leading clusters in industries ranging from cutting edge biotech to sustainable construction. It is the natural gateway to the center of Scandinavia and Sweden’s largest consumption area.

In the Stockholm region, 50 municipalities collaborate to provide you as an expert, investor or entrepreneur with the best possible assistance in your establishment process. We offer advice, networking opportunities and practical assistance, free of charge, to companies setting up or expanding business operations in the region. Our areas of expertise are:

Financial services
Life science
Metals and mining